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Midge Ure en Ultravox nieuws 2010

Nieuw Ulravox album

Van Ultravox.og.uk:
New Ultravox album nearing completion
We are delighted to announce that following Ultravox's return to the live arena in 2009/10 with their successful Return to Eden tour, that they have recently signed a deal with Universal Records. A natural progression from the reformation that was a celebration of their 30th anniversary, the band have been working on new material for an album since Autumn 2010, which is now nearing completion.

"We've had such a great time performing our old songs over the last two years that we just didn't want it to end! There's an immense satisfaction in looking across the stage and seeing those familiar faces playing the songs that we wrote as a unit. When we sat down to attempt to write some new songs we found that the ideas just kept coming and so a new album became not just inevitable, but something we really wanted to do together. Once again the whole has proved to be greater than the sum of the parts."

Mick Karn overleden

4 januari 2011
van mickkarn.net:
Met diepgaande droefheid delen we mee dat Mik Karn vanochtend om 4.30 uur is overleden aan kanker. Hij overleed in zijn huis in Londen, in bijzijn van familie en vrienden en zal door een ieder gemist worden.

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